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Tustin Pro Pest Control is a pest control service in Santa Ana, California that provides pest extermination and pest control services to residential and commercial customers. The company’s pest control technicians are highly trained professionals who know how to get the job done right! We will explore some of Tustin Pro Pest Control’s pest treatment methods and why their pest exterminators have earned a five-star rating. Reach us by calling (714) 710-7920 or fill out the contact form on our website.

About Tustin Pro Pest Control

Are you pestered by pest problems? Tustin Pro Pest Control has been in the pest control business for a long time! All of our pest exterminators are licensed professionals who have undergone extensive training to ensure that they know how to get rid of pests quickly and efficiently. We offer a variety of pest treatment services. 

Tustin Pro Pest Control uses a variety of pest treatment methods to help keep your family safe and prevent pest infestation. Our pest exterminators will create a customized plan for you that fits your needs, budget and preferences. If you have pest problem, we are here to help! Contact us today at (714) 710-7920 for pest control services in Santa Ana.

What We Treat


Cockroaches are often found in homes, restaurants and other buildings. They come out at night to scavenge for food. Cockroach control is important because these pests can carry disease-causing organisms on their bodies or inside their body cavities, which they transfer to humans through contact with contaminated surfaces or by flying directly onto food that has not been properly handled.


Hornets are the most common type of stinging insect to invade Santa Ana homes. They can be aggressive and will sting if provoked. If you spot a hornet’s nest, call us right away for professional extermination services. We provide safe, effective treatment plans that do not require any contact with the bees or wasps during removal.


Wasps are a common pest that can be found in many areas. They will often build their nests close to homes, but they do not pose any significant health risk to humans. Their sting is relatively weak and does not usually require medical treatment. However, if you notice wasps near your house or flying around inside of it, there may be an issue with the nest location or it could mean that the colony has grown too large for its home and needs to move elsewhere. Our team at Tustin Pro Pest Control specializes in providing safe wasp control solutions for residential properties throughout Santa Ana CA.


Ants are a pesky problem for many homeowners in the Santa Ana area. They can be a significant nuisance in homes and yards, and they can also carry diseases that may affect pets or humans. In this blog post we’ll discuss how to control ants with natural methods using ingredients from home. If you’re looking for professional pest control services in your area, contact our pest experts at Tustin Pro Pest Control.

Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles are one of the most common household pests. They can be found anywhere from homes to offices, and they will eat anything including people’s hair, clothes, and books. These pesky creatures need to be eliminated before they ruin your home or workplace. 


Fleas are a common problem for many homeowners in Santa Ana. They can be the size of a pinhead, but they pack quite the punch in their bite! Flea bites cause an allergic reaction to develop and leave you with itchy red bumps all over your body. Not only is this uncomfortable, but fleas can also spread tapeworms or other parasites that may lead to diseases like malaria, which is why it’s important to take care of them as soon as possible. 


The population of spiders in Santa Ana has increased dramatically. The increase is due to the warmer weather and more food sources. Spiders are predatory creatures that feed on other insects, but they can also serve as pest control for your home if you don’t want them around! If you’re looking for a solution to this problem, we at Tustin Pro Pest Control offer spider extermination services so you can get back outside and enjoy your garden or pool without fear of being bitten by one of these pests. 

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If you are in need of pest control services for your home or business then contact Tustin Pro Pest Control today via (714) 710-7920! Our pest management professionals are here to provide safe and effective pest treatments so you can get rid of pests once and for all. We have been serving Santa Ana for many years, and we offer a variety of pest control packages.

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