Tustin Black Widow Control

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Black widow spiders are black to brown in color with an hourglass-shaped red mark on the underside of their abdomen. They are usually found in dark, secluded areas but can sometimes be seen out in daylight. While black widows do not often cause illness, they can deliver a painful bite that may lead to death if left untreated. The black widow is usually shy and will stay hidden when humans are present; however, people should still take caution around black widows because their bites can be dangerous.

If you notice an increase in these pests around your home, it’s time to hire Tustin Pro Pest Control for Tustin black widow control services. These professionals will come out, inspect your property thoroughly for any signs of infestation (from egg sacs to webs), and offer a solution that is tailored specifically for your needs.

Call today at (714) 710-7920 to schedule an appointment with one of their highly-trained technicians.

Benefits of Black Widow Control

Black widows control in Tustin has many benefits that include:

  • less chance of being bitten
  • elimination of black infestation from your property completely so they cannot return later on
  • reduced black widows in the area around your home for a safer environment to live
  • peace of mind knowing you have taken care of this problem before it got out of hand and spread throughout your entire house/property

What Causes Black Widow Infestation?

There are many causes of the black infestation:

  • Damage in exterior walls and insulation can leave black widows inside your house with an easy escape route to the outside when they want to go out foraging.
  • A spider could easily live between or behind wall studs, baseboards, or flooring boards if its web is not disturbed by homeowner activity. Black widow infestation starts here.
  • Unattended outdoor trash cans attract black widows looking for a meal of insects found near the garbage bags.
  • Outdoor pet food bowls may cause black widows to come into close contact with people during feeding time. This will scare off most spiders but the black widow lacks that fear instinct so it will stay put until you are gone then return later on during nightfall hours.

How You Can Prevent Black Widow Infestation

Here is how you can prevent black widow infestations:

  • Clean up clutter outside your house and inside as well to remove black widows’ hiding spots. Store wheelbarrows and lawnmowers away from your home so black widow spiders can’t move in if their webs are not disturbed by these items.
  • Make sure outdoor trash cans have tight-fitting lids on them so black widows cannot get into the garbage when it comes time to take out the trash. Clear around pet food bowls several feet before and after feeding times with a broom or leaf blower/vacuum onto plastic drop cloths then place them onto an outside trash bag that will be removed later on during daylight hours only.
  • Make sure there is no standing water near your home.
  • Keep weeds down so spiders don’t have places to hide.
  • Install landscaping lighting to keep black widows away from outdoor activities.

Hire Tustin Pro Pest Control

Tustin Pro Pest Control offers black widow control services that will solve the problem quickly and efficiently with no need for homeowners to lift a finger.  Just sit back and relax while these black widow experts get to work. Call today at (714) 710-7920 for a free estimate from Tustin Pro Pest Control in Tustin, CA! You could be enjoying your home without worrying about black widows.

Tustin Pro Pest Control offers a variety of services which includes bed bugs control, ants control, flies control, fleas control, black widow control and many more. Call now and get free estimates.

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